Ownership below the surface

Our technology discloses indirect ownership hidden in complex corporate structures, visualizes shareholder networks and unveils beneficial owners and related parties.

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The user value

T-Rank enables the user to understand the effects of indirect and circular ownership in any shareholder structure

T-Rank calculates the indirect ownership of all shareholder structures. T-Rank Shareholder Maps generates maps over owners and subsidiaries of any company. The maps contains both direct and indirect ownership.

T-Rank Shareholder Maps has three main values:

Intuitive overview

The product gives the user an intuitive overview of the shareholders and the subsidiaries of a company.

Unique understanding

The product gives the user a unique understanding of the effects of indirect ownership in any company

Effective and easy

The product is effective and easy to use

Many companies have complex shareholder structures, with many levels of both indirect and circular ownership. In many cases, for example compliance, credit, procurement etc, it is very important to understand the ownership structure of a client or a partner to be able to assess the risks.